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Jan. 28, 2011

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Tomorrow’s Genius is a new and innovative online tutorial tool that instantly connects students to experienced educational professionals. The service, which was initially launched in Israel is designed to provide students with needed help that until now was either unavailable or simply too expensive. Using cutting edge technology, students are connected to teachers who can provide help in all academic subjects, for both secular and Judaic studies.


Officially launched on January 2, 2011, Tomorrow's Genius offers students from grades 4-12 online access to tutors for all academic subjects including limudei kodesh, as well as a resource library of educational material such as an online Hebrew dictionary or a list of mathematical terms in Hebrew and English. TG presently serves 500 students and several partner schools.


All of Tomorrow's Genius' tutors are qualified educational professionals with experience in the Israeli and American school systems. They are fluent in Hebrew, English, and their subject material and are available online daily (except for Shabbat) between 15:00 and 22:00.


All of Tomorrow's Genius' chat based tutoring sessions occur in the TG virtual classroom. This is an online space where students and tutors can share documents, applications, files, and multimedia programs. Tutors and students can also interact via the white board where they can instantly draw and explain non-verbal concepts. The learning sessions are automatically recorded and accessible for replay at any time. The TG platform also supports audio tutorial sessions for those who prefer them.


Tomorrow’s Genius will soon be launching a pilot program for North American Jewish day schools. Their goal is to be able to help as many students as possible with their advanced yet affordable platform. Tomorrow’s Genius offers schools a way to provide needed academic help in a way that works for all those involved.


Aryeh Eisenberg, TG’s director of education will be visiting North America between March 31 – April 12, 2011 to create a pilot program for the coming school year. Tomorrow’s Genius is looking for schools that understand the importance of technology in education and who are open to new and innovative teaching methods. For more information, or for setting up a meeting to discuss possibilities for your school, email.

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