The Network for Research in Jewish Education - 25th Anniversary Conference

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Jun. 11, 2011
June 12-14, 2011

Source: The Network for Research in Jewish Education


The Network for Research in Jewish Education is pleased to announce that the twenty-fifth annual NRJE Conference will take place June 12-14, 2011 at York University in Toronto. York University’s Faculty of Education, the Israel & Golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies, and the York Centre for Education & Community look forward to welcoming NRJE delegates, Lainer associates, graduate students and local Jewish educators.


Conference presenters include academics, graduate students and community professionals. Topics that will be addressed by presenters include: hevruta learning; pluralism in day schools; democracy and religious education; Israel education and film; citizenship education in a post-modern age; congregational school leadership; the influence of Israel education on student attitudes about Israel; the professional motivations of Orthodox day school educators; friendship patterns and Jewish engagement among Reform youth; gender role expectations in day schools; bullying in Jewish middle schools; Jewish education with Russian speaking populations; synagogue-based adult education; spirituality and moral education; and the influence of Jewish children’s literature on identity formation.


In addition to the usual array of presentations and consultations this year will also feature:

  • A session highlighting the groundbreaking International Handbook of Jewish Education
  • A look back at the work of the Network over the past 25 years, through discussion led by past Chairs
  • A celebratory anniversary dinner and dessert
  • A "night out" to include dinner in one of Toronto's premier kosher restaurants and a guided walking tour of old Jewish Toronto
  • Presentation of the Emerging Scholar Award

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