The Road to Excellence: Success Stories of Schools – a Webinar

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Jun. 17, 2011
June 15, 2011

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MOFET ITEC – International Teacher Educators Community of The MOFET Institute is proud to present an online webinar without charge to the global education community with Dr. Yael Fischer on The Road to Excellence: Success Stories of Schools on Wednesday, June 15, 2011- 7:00-8:30P.M. - Israel time.


The lecture will deal with the characteristics of excellent schools. These characteristics are based on the documentation of success stories of schools that were considered good and that succeeded in becoming excellent. Such documentation does not constitute the development of a new managerial theory, but rather reveals the unique components that led these schools to undergo a change from “good” to “excellent”. Although the lecture will deal mainly with the conceptualization of “an excellent school”, it will also briefly recount the success stories of the excellent schools.


The lecture will not deal with a theoretical model of any kind, but rather will be based on learning from practical work in the field. It will focus on the characteristics that permit an organizational culture of excellence to be instilled as a process that leads to success. Furthermore, it will describe how these characteristics can be reconstructed in order to enable additional schools to adopt similar processes in accordance with their school setting.


Dr. Yael Fischer is a senior lecturer at Achva Academic College of Education, and serves as an academic advisor for the Ministry of Education as well as many Israeli educational institutions and local councils. She is a partner in the development of a policy for training school principals in Israel, and has trained many generations of principals in the Jewish, Arab, and Druze sectors. Her other fields of expertise include management skills, education policy, development of excellence in education, and the involvement of parents in the school. She lectures in these fields in various forums.

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