Volunteer Jerusalem Five Day Programs Launch in Summer 2011

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May. 27, 2011
Summer, 2011

Source: Volunteer Jerusalem


Volunteer Jerusalem brings volunteer tourism to the city of Jerusalem by connecting Jewish tourists visiting the city with meaningful community service projects. It combines social activism in needy neighborhoods with cultural and Jewish experiences and connects visitors to the city in a way that will create meaningful connections and long term relationships. VJ's 5 day volunteer program is from Sunday to Thursday and features five to six hours of volunteering a day and nights enjoying the cultural scene of Jerusalem during the summer. This program is open for young Jewish adults ages 21 to 28. VJ is holding two sessions this summer: June 26-30 and July 24-28.


In the morning before heading out to volunteer work participants will be learning about the city and its challenges. This will be a chance to see the sites which are not on the usual ‘Jerusalem tours".


Participants will experience Jerusalem’s cultural and social scene and meet fellow Israelis and maybe learn a bit of Hebrew.


The programs price of $250 includes lodging at the Eden Boutique Hotel located in the green neighborhood of Talpiot, 2 meals a day, daily volunteer work and cultural activities.


VJ anticipates having between 20-25 people in each group. There will be two options to choose from as the group splits up for the volunteering. One of the projects will be creating a new community garden and the second will be renovation work at a Jerusalem-based institution.


Volunteer Jerusalem is a new initiative that seeks to engage people from around the world with Jerusalem through service programs and complementary educational activities. VJ is hosted by the Jerusalem Center for Young Adults. A broad based Steering Committee, chaired by Deputy Mayor Naomi Tzur, oversees Volunteer Jerusalem and supports its operations.

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