Kadima Technology Conference – Cleveland, Ohio

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Jun. 19, 2011
Source: PELIE
The Partnership for Effective Learning in Education (PELIE) is launching a series of three regional conferences for complementary Jewish educators and administrators to help them "leapfrop" ahead (kadima) in harnessing technology within the classroom. The first conference is scheduled to be held in Cleveland, Ohio on July 19, 2011.
The conference is designed to be attended by teams of three who may be at varying levels. The conference design will provide a keynote by a thought leader on the field of educational technology as well as breakout sessions which offer participants a chance to experiment with technology tools in a safe, small group environment -- meeting the learners where they are.

Conference Overview:

Conference attendees will represent complementary Jewish education settings. Participants will register for the conference in teams. A maximum of 25 teams will be accepted. Each school will be required to send a team of at least three people. The team might be comprised of a combination of principal/education director, the institutions’ technologists or “techies”, teachers, clergy, or an education committee chair/lay person. The one day conference will take place from 10 am - 6pm on July 19, 2011. All attendees must meet certain technological guidelines. Each attendee is required to bring a laptop or tablet.

Conference Follow – Up

  • Conference attendees will be required to “teach forward” what they’ve learned at Kadima within the educational environments in which they work and online with fellow Kadima attendees.
  • A virtual network (Ning or other platform) will be created to connect the educators who have attended the conference will allow attendees to continue to share resources and join in conversations.
  • PELIE will summarize the data collected at the “evaluation and insight” session at the end of each conference.

Conference Highlights

  • A keynote speaker that helps school teams shift their attitude about the use of technology, encouraging risk taking, letting go of control, etc.
  • A safe environment in which participants can try a few tools at their own levels, so they can immediately implement the tools in their classrooms. These sessions will be taught not only in terms of where to click, but also how to implement these tools into teaching pedagogy.
  • A chance for school teams to inform what is needed to advance the field of Jewish education and technology.
  • The chance for schools to create a ripple effect by teaching out what they've learned to their school / community.

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