Using Facebook to Teach Tanach

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May. 03, 2011

Source: Portal MASA


Dr. Ilan Abaksis reports on his use of Facebook in the teaching of Tanach with his education students at Levinsky College in Tel Aviv. The education students created profiles of Biblical characters on Facebook using Biblical, Midrashic and other commentaries as sources of information. They then utilized these profiles as the interface to deliver online learning activities to their middle school students.


In the project, the teachers created profiles for many Biblical characters as Moshe, Calev Ben Yefuneh, Avigayil, David, Avshalom, Yoav Ben Tzruyah, Eliyahu the Prophet and many others. In Eliyahu's Facebook profile it says that he is employed by the Lord and he is involved in wiping out the idol worship of King Achav.


Many of the middle school students enjoyed the different exercises on Biblical topics which were presented to them via the Facebook profiles. The use of the popular social network encouraged the students to learn about the Biblical figures and make use of the rich online materials presented to them about their Biblical topics.


Dr. Abaksis' slide presentation about the Biblical Facebook Project, can be viewed here.

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