Tweeting all Jewish Educators: #JEDCHAT

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Nov. 02, 2011
November 2, 2011

Source: AVI CHAI Foundation Blog


Alicia Post covers the new Jewish educators weekly twitter chat, #jedchat, which launched last week when over 50 Jewish educators, practitioners and thought leaders from around the country got together to partake in an online real-time witter chat. This first ever Jewish educators chat was organized by Rabbi Akevy Greenblatt, Rabbi Dov Emerson and Rabbi Meir Wexler.


"This interactive and live conversation opened with introductions from around the country. The main objective of this first chat was to establish goals and priorities of future chats. Is it a forum to talk about education technology or solely to network Judaic Teachers? Is the purpose to discuss the obstacles specific to Judaic studies such as 21st century skills / blended learning? What is the difference between the many #hashtags being used in the community? How does one differ from others?"


Alicia's post contains a listing of useful twitter resources for those who want to participate in the upcoming chats to be held every Wednesday at 9:00 EST as well as a link to the archives.

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