Maayan Bat Mitzvah Dress Code Filmmaking Intensive

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Jun. 08, 2012

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The Bat Mitzvah Dress Code Filmmaking Intensive is a new educational initiative of Ma’yan. The girls in the program will conduct film interviews with their families and other people in their communities about the history, custom, and expectations surrounding Bat Mitzvah attire, asking questions about what was worn at Bat Mitzvahs, and how it was decided. Three intensive workshops will offer the participants opportunities to practice new skills, ask questions, and learn collaboratively. The footage will be edited together by the participants into a short (3-5 minute) film.

The final film will be screened at "What to Wear: Women, Clothing, Religion", a public event at the Jewish Theological Seminary on March 11, 2012. The event will involve talking to three generations of women in different families, around the issues addressed in the film, as well as others. Andrea Linnet, the creative director of eBay fashion, will offer commentary.

This program is a dynamic, interactive experience that teaches real-world skills while challenging teens to address more abstract, open-ended questions. It encourages awareness of one’s community and self-reflection. Participants will have to think critically and ask tough questions about something often taken for granted. The program will also develop a very practical and variously applicable skill set, including how to interview effectively and how to shoot and edit video.

Ma’yan is a nonprofit research and education incubator that focuses a feminist lens on the cultural challenges and identity issues facing Jewish girls in contemporary society. Through research, innovative programming, and community events, we work with these girls, their parents, and their educators to provide resources that help all youth grow into critical, curious, and committed global citizens.

For more information about the program, visit the Maayan site.

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