Jewish Interactive Develops Shabbat Interactive Learning Pilot

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Feb. 27, 2012

Source: Jewish Interactive


Jewish Interactive, an innovative non-profit organisation, founded in South Africa, that strives to create interactive Jewish programs, utilizing modern technology, has implemented a multimedia learning pilot "Shabbat Interactive" in tens of schools in South Africa and UK. They also recently presented the pilot at the North American Jewish Day Schools conference in the US.


Shabbat Interactive is a multimedia learning environment that explores Shabbat for children from ages 6 to 11. Each learning module is accompanied by an explicit lesson plan detailing the aim and method of the lesson.


The program contains 9 digital modules designed for interactive white boards and PCs, accompanied by 9 lesson plans for teachers, formulated by top curriculum developers.


The first 3 modules explore the history of Shabbat, whilst the last 6 modules explore the customs and traditions of Shabbat


Each digital module consists of:

A curriculum plan outlining learning objectives, knowledge, skills, understanding, learning outcomes, and success criteria for that module

A printable worksheet for the class

A PowerPoint lesson plan with resources consisting of:

  • Baseline assessments, learning objectives and guidelines for blended learning lessons on the interactive white board
  • Activities – crafts, dramas, quiz, games, songs, projects
  • Stories for teachers to read with the children
  • Additional material relevant to the module such as enlarged Chumash texts, Talmud, and Midrashim
  • Discussion points based on the module that emphasize personal, social, health and emotional aspects that enhance growth in value systems and personal attributes
  • Digital homework based on the content of the program encouraging students to be innovative, active learners in control of their education
  • Summative assessment tools

The Jewish Interactive website has demos, sample worksheets and Powerpoint presentations from the Shabbat Interactive pilot to allow visitors to get to know the program.

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