Israel Engagement Beyond Hasbarah

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Israel Education
Mar. 05, 2011
Autumn, 2011

Source: CONTACT, Volume 14, Issue 1


This issue of CONTACT is devoted to Israel Engagement. It addresses a number of issues. In what ways can Israel Engagement innovate to inspire and connect people to Israel? How can the community foster connections to Israel among Jews across the spectrums of politics, culture and observance? How can Israel engagement succeed long after — and indeed before — one has visited Israel? The articles in this issue of Contact explore new ways of engaging American Jews with Israeli culture and life. In so doing, they offer new perspectives and dimensions for those seeking to build greater connections between Israel and America and to strengthen the Jewish experience worldwide.


The issue contains the following articles:

  • Birthright Excel: The Next Step in Israel Engagement
    Michael H. Steinhardt
  • Beyond Birthright: Making Israel Engagement Last
    Charles Edelsberg and Dawne Bear Novicoff
  • Engaging with a Work in Progress
    An Interview with Sharon Ashley
  • Israeli Traditions & Hebrew:
    A Path to Jewish & Israeli Identity
    Jennie Starr
  • Progressive Zionist Engagement with Israel
    Kenneth Bob
  • Turning Points: Stories from Young Judea
    Nathan Winkler, Michael Sanieoff, Ale Klachko
  • Moving Beyond Hugging and Wrestling
    Yonatan Ariel, Robbie Gringras and Esti Moskovitz-Kalman
  • Doing Good in the World,in America and in Israel
    Ben Murane
  • Art Up Nation
    Yael Miriam and Edoe Cohen
  • Israel at its Core
    Etty Dolgin
  • Afterword
    Rabbi David Gedzelmann

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