Stop This Teachers’ Brain Drain

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Jul. 15, 2012
July 15, 2012

Source: The Jewish Chronicle


Miriam Shaviv bemoans the "brain-drain" of many of the UK's top educational talent to Jewish schools in the US, Canada and Australia. Although, Jewish school enrollment in the UK has doubled to 26,000 in the last decades, top Jewish school educators do not enjoy the level of professional support and pay as do their colleagues abroad. Thus many of them are lured to leave the UK to head top Jewish institutions abroad.

She concludes:

"Crucially, the heads of the big schools are given the respect their British peers lack. They are treated as leaders and highly regarded in their communities…

We have a terrific school system that has become wildly popular. We need the best people to take it forward. We may never be able to match the US salaries, but we can still improve the lot of our senior educators. A good first step would be to recognise that we have a problem retaining them."

Read her entire article at The Jewish Chronicle.

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