The Good, The Bad and the Fantastic: 65 Surprising Things about Parenting in Israel

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Apr. 14, 2013
April 14, 2013

Source: Times of Israel


Hannah Katsman, Israeli social blogger, in honor of Israel’s 65th anniversary, asked immigrant parents to share their experiences — whether exasperating or inspiring — about raising children in our wonderful country. Here is the list.


Among the responses on the list:

The Good

  • Getting a check from the National Insurance Institute in the hospital after birth.
  • Secular kids getting excited about holidays most unaffiliated Jews abroad have never heard of, like Shavuot.
  • New mothers who go to stay with their own mothers for two weeks after birth, and how you wish you had that option.
  • The excellent services for kids with special needs.
  • School and kindergarten six days a week.
  • The AMAZING health care system for kids, including IVF.

The Bad 

  • Chocolate spread is a suitable sandwich.
  • The constant school events.
  • Purim lasting three days to a week . . . too much for me.
  • Getting “homework” that the kids can’t possibly do by themselves, and the way parents do their kids’ homework for them.

The Fantastic

  • Random parents in the playground look out for your child, whether or not they know you.
  • Being awed by the many teenagers who are involved in youth groups. Devoting their time to younger kids. And especially the tenderness and patience I’ve seen in teenage boys for little boys. It strikes me every time I see it.
  • Went to take a test in college and the woman supervising assured me she will hold and calm the baby if she cries while I am writing the test. She was amazing.

See the entire list at the Times of Israel.

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