UCLA to Host International Israel Studies Conference

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Jun. 24, 2013
June 24-26, 2013

Source: AIS 


UCLA's Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for Israel Studies will host the 29th annual conference of the Association for Israel Studies at UCLA on June 24-26, 2013, the first time the international event will take place on the West Coast. The three-day conference, "Israel in the International Arena: Scholarship, Imagery, Discourse and Public Policy," brings together some 300 scholars from around the world — including the U.S., Israel, Canada, England, Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary and China — for more than 80 panels and roundtable discussions addressing topics in history, politics, law, economics, international relations, literature and art.


Many panels will bring new insights to familiar topics, while others will delve into subjects rarely covered in the headlines — from Israeli secularism and feminist movements, to journalism and the arts, to China's views of Israel and the Jewish people. The conference will also examine the state of Israel studies, both within Israel and internationally, and its impact on discourse about Israel in universities and schools.


The event's keynote address will be delivered by Shlomo Ben Ami, Israel's former foreign minister.

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