Toronto Jewish Schools Partner on Ad Campaign

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Sep. 29, 2013
September 29, 2013

Source: The Canadian Jewish News


For the first time, eight Jewish day schools in the Greater Toronto Area have partnered on a marketing campaign to entice parents to “choose Jewish” for their children’s education.The centre-spread ad, which ran in last week’s CJN, posted the dates and times for open houses for Associated Hebrew Schools, the Anne and Max Tanenbaum Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto, Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School, Bialik Hebrew Day School, Zareinu Education Centre, Leo Baeck Day School, the Toronto Heschel School and Robbins Hebrew Academy.


The group plans to run two more back-page ads in the Sept. 25 and Oct. 10 issues of The CJN.


Cayla Solomon, Bialik’s marketing and communications manager, who took the lead on this campaign, said it began as a discussion about what information the schools could share that would benefit them all.


“From that came the idea of doing these joint ads, mostly because we felt that we’re all in the same business here in the sense that we’re each selling our own brand of Jewish education. But at the end of the day, we all felt that as long as these kids were ending up in a Jewish school, we’re all happy,” Solomon said.


“The overarching message needed to be ‘Choose Jewish education.’ You can decide what the right school is for you, but choose Jewish education.”


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