Project Zug - Israel-Diaspora Digital Hevruta – Registration for Second Cycle Has Begun

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Feb. 02, 2014

Source: Project Zug 


Registration for the second cycle of learning at Project Zug has begun! Project Zug connects Jews in different countries through on-line hevruta (one-to-one) learning. Project Zug seeks to reduce geographical distances and strengthen the bonds between our many vibrant Jewish cultures by pairing Jews in Israel and Jews around the world to learn together. This year's project will run from the week of January 26t, 2014 until the week of April 6, 2014. The deadline for signing up for the 2014 learning cycle is December 31, 2013.


Each Zug/pair will schedule their online video conversation at a time convenient to their schedules for thirty-to-forty minutes a week, using Skype or Google hangout (both are free). Each week the Zug will receive a simple one-page document with 2-3 guiding questions as the basis for the joint learning experience. Twelve meeting sessions are planned for this semester's Zug project.


At the beginning and end of each month there will a ten-minute framing video from the facilitator. There will also be online forums to share what you are learning and engage with others.


Individuals will select from a one of eight courses, and then we will be paired up according to course selection. Everyone should get their first or second pick.


The courses offered for Hevruta learning:

  • On the Connection between Women, Men and Water in Rabbinic Literature
  • Place, Space, Structure and Architecture in Ancient and Contemporary Jewish Expression
  • Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and the Roots of Activism
  • Mindfulness and Judaism
  • I Can't Believe It: What God, Prophecy, and Free Will Meant in the Past - and What They Can Mean To Us
  • A Food Tour of the Talmud
  • Rumors of Revelation: Reflections on the Torah, and its ability to Unite and Divide Jews.
  • Get Thee Out of thy Country – Stillness and Movement in Jewish History

For more information and registration visit the Project Zug website.

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