World ORT Program to Gear Israeli High Schoolers Toward Engineering

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Feb. 02, 2014
February 2, 2014

Source: Israel Hayom


The World ORT organization for advanced science studies has launched the Anieres Elite Academy international scholarship program to prepare some 600 Israeli and foreign 10th-graders for an engineering degree at the prestigious Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa.

With a severe shortage of engineers in the Israeli job market and high-tech firms posting numerous job listings seeking engineers every week, the program, the first of its kind in Israel, will allow students from the Negev to the Galilee to study science and technology in high school and, after seven years, complete an engineering degree at the Technion. The program provides a full scholarship, worth more than 100,000 shekels ($28,400).


Through the Technion's enrichment program, about 60 students each year (over the course of 10 years) will study math and science at WIZO Nahalal boarding school. After finishing high school, the students will go on to study toward a bachelor's degree in engineering at the Technion. Upon receiving their degrees, the students will serve in the Israel Defense Forces as engineers.


The scholarship will cover living expenses at the WIZO Nahalal boarding school and courses at the Technion, in addition to student allowances until the end of 12th grade.


The Anieres Elite Academy program was founded in Switzerland in the 1950s by World ORT to train Jewish students around the globe for careers in engineering. Only recently, ORT joined forces with the Education Ministry to fund the program in Israel.

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