Annual Research Update - 2006

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Trends in Jewish Education
Sep. 25, 2006

Source: Journal of Jewish Education, Volume 72, Issue 3 September 2006 , pages 233 - 254

An annotated bibliography of research in Jewish education that has been produced in the past year.
The following items are annotated in the article.

Cohen, Steven M., & Kelman, Ari Y. (February 28, 2005). Cultural Events & Jewish Identities: Young Adult Jews in New York.
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Reboot. "Grande Soy Vanilla Latte with Cinnamon, No Foam . . . " Jewish Identity and Community in a Time of Unlimited Choices.

Rosen, Mark I. Case Analysis by Amy L. Sales. (January 2006). The Remaking of Hillel: A Case Study on Leadership and Organizational Transformation.

Sales, Amy L., & Saxe, Leonard. (January 2006). Particularism in the University: Realities and Opportunities for Jewish Life on Campus.

Saxe, Leonard, Sasson, Ted, & Hecht, Shahar. (June 2006) Taglit-Birthright Israel: Impact on Jewish Identity, Peoplehood, and Connection to Israel.

Schnoor, Randal. (February 2004). Which School is Right for My Child? Educational Choices of Jewish Parents.

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Ukeles, Jacob B., Miller, Ron, & Beck, Pearl. (April 2006). Young Jewish Adults in the United States Today: Harbingers of the American Jewish Community of Tomorrow?

Wertheimer, Jack. (December 2005). Linking the Silos: How to Accelerate the Momentum in Jewish Education Today.

The article also contains a listing of 25 completed dissertations and their abstracts in the field of Jewish education or with direct relevance to Jewish education.

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