Beit Midrash for Teachers: An Experiment in Teacher Preparation

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Teacher Education
Sep. 19, 2006

Source: Journal of Jewish Education, Volume 72, Issue 3 September 2006 , pages 161 - 181


This paper examines the Beit Midrash for Teachers , an integral part of the DeLeT (Day School Leadership Through Teaching) program at Brandeis University, a 13-month, post-baccalaureate fellowship program designed to prepare teachers for the elementary grades in Jewish day schools.

It examines the Beit Midrash for Teachers as a rich learning opportunity in its own right and an important component in a coherent program of teacher education for Jewish day school teaching. It examines the mix of purposes fostered in the Beit Midrash and shows how these ends-in-view reinforce and are reinforced by the purposes and practices in other program components and in the overall program.

It suggests that learning to "read" students and texts is a foundational element in learning to teach in Jewish day schools and that learning to do this well depends on opportunities for "critical colleagueship."

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