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Feb. 02, 2015

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The National Library is invested in facilitating and advancing a meaningful, challenging and enjoyable learning experience that will instill students with knowledge and skills based on the study of the Library's collections, among others – an experience that will strengthen teachers, students, families and educational organizations. Our pedagogic philosophy is that the intelligent use of primary sources allows for the reinforcement and deepening of the connection between the students and their history, culture and heritage, and strengthens the skills and qualifications required for the 21st century student. The Library works to implement its educational goals via a number of significant actions – the establishment of a database of primary documents for teaching and learning, providing access to tools and activities, training teaching staff and educators and the establishment of informal educational programming for families and schools.

The Primary Document Database

At the foundation of the Education website at the National Library is a database of primary documents from the Library collections. These are items that were carefully chosen by educators to suit the current curriculum of the State of Israel. Alongside each primary document you can find detailed information and suggestions for how to integrate the primary document into your lesson.

In order to find a primary document, use the search box found at the top of the webpage. The primary document database is always growing and being updated. Please visit the website to keep up to date with new items.


On this site you will find worksheets and lesson plans for the analysis of various types of primary documents. You may save and print the pages for use at home or at school. The topics covered are from many different areas of the Israeli school curriculum in history, geography and even sciences.

Researching Primary Documents

This section of the website invites you to visit the "Historian's Research Lab" in order to learn how to analyze primary documents with online guidance, while learning how historians actually work. You can learn how to understand a historical period using its own terms or to understand historical processes that developed over different periods.

Activities at the Library

Here you can learn about events and activities developed by the Education Department for students, families and teachers. Special activities can be planned with the Education Department to suit yur needs.

Learning with the National Library of Israel

The National Library has started a pilot project with schools and educational institutions in London. A dedicated website in English is currently being developed.

See a video clip of a teachers' workshop at the National Library in July, 2015.

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