'We Continue As Teachers': Success Events Perceived As Meaningful by Teachers and Encourage Them to Persevere in Teaching

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Teacher Education
Dec. 28, 2015

Source: International Journal of Current Innovation Research, Vol. 1 , Issue 10 , pp 268 - 280


This paper presents success events which were perceived as meaningful by novice teachers and which encouraged them to continue teaching and persevere in the education system. The study was conducted according to the qualitative research method and the research population consisted of 36 novice teachers who studied in an Israeli academic college of education. The study was based on written accounts, which were content analysed as is customary in qualitative research.

The findings indicated the insights obtained by the novice teachers: believing in themselves from the personal aspect, believing in the learners from the professional aspect and believing in school from the organisational aspect. The research recommendations were to study the novice teachers' successes and derive from them the processes and insights which led to the success of individuals. Thus, the personal knowledge about success would be turned into a team - oriented and organisational knowledge in the education system in general and in school and teacher education colleges in particular.

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