HaYidion: RAVSAK's Journal of Jewish Education: Art and Aesthetics

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Trends in Jewish Education
May. 03, 2016
Summer, 2016

Source: HaYidion – Summer 2016


The study and practice of the arts can serve as a powerful vehicle for learning. This issue of Hayidion presents ways that the arts can deepen intellectual inquiry as well as sparking creativity, engage students' hearts and minds in science, literature, and all aspects of Jewish studies, expose learners to provocative, contemporary issues of culture and politics, and draw meaningful connections across the curriculum and among people.

Among the articles in this issue are:

  • How Can Art Spark Thinking and Learning? - Elizabeth Diament
  • Exploring Social and Political Issues through Visual Arts - Ofra Arieli Backenroth
  • Spiritual Healing of Memories through Art: Holocaust Imagery and Theology - Karen Dresser
  • Jewish Artist in Residence: Catalyst and Symbol Maker - Benny Ferdman
  • School Advancement Through Visual Communication - Orna Siegel
  • The Spiritual Heart of Aesthetic Art: Elementary Education - Cheryl Kleinman-Khalou
  • Teaching with Contemporary Art - Janine Okmin
  • Developing Jewish Artists - Rebecca Guber
  • The Tapestry of Art and Science - Annette Calloway
  • Jewish Education Going Graphic: Classroom Strategies for Using Graphic Novels - Talia Hurwich
  • Movement with Grace - Sarah L. Kaufman
  • When Creativity Nourishes the Mind, Soul and Heart - Miriam Heller Stern
  • The Yeshiva Poetry Society: A Pedagogical Model for Jewish Slam Poetry - Hillel Broder and Aaron Roller
  • Integrating the Arts and Jewish Learning - David Moss
  • Starting with Art: An Approach to Revitalize Jewish Study - Ilana Benson and Gabriel Goldstein
  • Singing Together - Yehudah Katz
  • Hanukkah in 4D: Bringing the Israel Museum to the Middle School Rabbinics Classroom - Rebecca Friedman-Charry and Sara Beckerman
  • Innovative Ways that Visual Art Can Deepen Judaic Learning in High Schools - Chani Newman
  • A Dialogue Between Paintings and Jewish Texts - Michal Bergman
  • A Jewish Design Lab for High School Students - Charlie Schwartz
  • From Pride in the Past to Excitement for the Future - Marc Kramer and Idana Goldberg
  • Day School Students Become Architectural Historians - Einav Symons
  • Midrash as Creative Writing - Jake Marmer
  • Why Students Should Run the Show - Aaron Margolis
  • Visions of Torah - Beth Fine and Sarah Rensin
  • The Tallit Project: Infusing Art with Tefillah - Jordan Herskowitz and Flora Yavelberg

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