Practitioners and Researchers: Who Needs to Know What about Jewish Education Today

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Jul. 05, 2016

Source: Jeducation World


The Joint Conference on Research in Jewish Education, a partnership between the Baltimore Hebrew Institute, the Network for Research in Jewish Education and the Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry, was held recently at Towson University.

With some 75 attendees (many of whom served as speakers as well) this gathering gave insight into the newest themes of trending research that have not yet been shared with the broader community. What is abundantly clear is that those in the trenches of research are strongly passionate about exploring the trends in Jewish education that will benefit our communities in the coming years. While practitioners (Program Directors/Principals and Clergy, for example) are aware of the struggles facing Jewish Education, researchers are confirming what is occurring and providing research with answers and insights.

Conference sessions were divided in a unique way – spotlight, research, consultation, and papers. The format of each impacted who talked and how much.

  • Paper Session: Presentation of competed or nearly completed work
    Leadership in Jewish Education with Barry Holtz, JTS / Alissa Burstein, The Lookstein Center, Bar-Ilan University / Patricia Munro, University of California, Berkeley / Jonathan Woocher, Lippman Kanfer Family Philanthropies
  • Roundtable Session: Multiple perspectives on an important topic in Jewish education
    Implementing Education in Social, Emotional, and Spiritual Domains in Congregational Schools: Supports and Challenges with Jeff Kress, JTS / Evie Rotstein, HUC-JIR / Moshe Ben-Lev, Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation / Nancy Parkes, Temple Israel Center
  • Consultation Session: Collegial discussion of work-in-progress
    Development Issues of Jewish Adolescent Girls with Cheryl Weiner, Lesley University

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