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Mar. 03, 2017

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Gemara Academy is an online program that is meant to be used by teachers and/or students for teaching and learning gemara. Gemara Academy utilizes technology to visually engage students with flowcharts, animations, and quizzes that transform the classroom. Instead of competing for a student’s attention, Gemara Academy takes advantage of technology to bring the gemara text to life.

Gemara Academy is both a method and tool for learning and teaching Gemara. It is a system of teaching using PowerPoint presentations that use flowcharts that show exactly which tools the Gemara uses in each Sugya and the larger map of the Gemara. Gemara Academy is designed to be a tool for teaching Gemara in a classroom setting. The Gemara Academy Curriculum is a PowerPoint based tool that can be used in classrooms for teaching Gemara. This will bring the Gemara to life and color for the students. It is also designed to be a tool for learning Gemara. The video classes are a personal study partner for a student to learn at his own pace. The video classes can be paused, rewound, or played over again. They can be used to prepare for the next day’s class or for review of the previous day’s class or for learning on your own.

Gemara Academy's curriculum now covers 10 complete chapters of Talmud in over 700 video lessons.

Gemara Academy lessons are available to anyone interested for a a free 14 day trial with full access for themselves and their students. The trial can be extended to a 30 day period. After that there is a monthly fee.

See what Gemara Academy looks like in this video.


See Gemara Academy Quizzes in this video.

Updated: Nov. 27, 2017
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