Adapting the Jewish Spiritual Practice of Mussar to Develop Business Students’ Character

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Trends in Jewish Education
Mar. 02, 2017

Source: Business and Professional Ethics Journal (2017)


Business ethics educators have been encouraged to cultivate students’ character, but have received meager instructions for doing so. Additionally, there has been insufficient focus on equipping students with the tools they need to foster their ethical development after completing our courses. In this paper, it is argued that the Jewish spiritual practice of Mussar, whose premise is that individuals can become better versions of themselves by repairing their character traits, can inform business ethics instruction.

After presenting the tenets and historical background of Mussar, we provide specific information that will enable business ethics instructors to adapt its tools and techniques in order to put their students on a personalized path of lifelong character improvement.

Updated: Nov. 27, 2017
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