Shofarot Israel – The Story of the Shofar

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Feb. 01, 2017

Source: Shofarot Israel 


The Shofarot Israel tells the story of fifteen generations (7 centuries) of a proud family tradition of creating shofars for use in synagogues around the world. The website includes the history of shofarot in Tanach and Jewish history up to modern times, videos on the process of creating a shofar, history of the family that has been doing this for hundreds of years. The site is in English and Hebrew.

Among the topics covered in the website:

  • Shofar Makers
  • The Shofar during Biblical time and until the Destruction of the Second Temple
  • The Shofar After the Destruction of the Second Temple
  • Sounds of the Shofar
  • Types of Shofars
  • The Process of Making Shofars
  • The Shofar in Israeli Culture

Updated: Nov. 27, 2017
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