Professional Certificate in Israel Education at the George Washington University

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Apr. 01, 2018

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In partnership between the iCenter and the George Washington University, this inaugural cohort offers the only opportunity of its kind: an academic certificate program in Israel education. This one-year hybrid program integrates the best of Israel studies and experiential education. The graduate-level professional Certificate Program in Israel Education provides students the opportunity to take part in a year-long integrative experience that uniquely combines content knowledge, pedagogy, human relations, and site-based experiences, in the creation of a new approach to teaching and learning about Israel.

The program is aimed at Jewish educators and communal professionals who want to make Israel education a full-time profession, as well as Jewish professionals (educators, community and organizational leaders, clergy) who want to develop competencies for Israel education.

Students will acquire the skills to:

  • Apply vision-based learning concepts to practical educational strategies;
  • Learn techniques to critically evaluate existing issues and practices in the field;
  • Design experiential educational programs;
  • Evaluate the needs and interests of the diverse range of players in the contemporary Jewish community;
  • Analyze and engage with historical and contemporary politics, culture and geography of Israel;
  • Apply the foundational principles, pedagogies and tools of Israel education to formal and informal educational environments.

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