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Jun. 23, 2019
June 23-27, 2019

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This intensive week (June 23-27, 2019) of inspiring personal and professional learning includes Jewish text learning, led by Hadar faculty, in a lively beit midrash setting and offers two tracks to choose from for enhancing Jewish learning in the Day School classroom. The first is an in-depth exploration of the Pedagogy of Partnership with Dr. Orit Kent and Allison Cook. The second is an opportunity for schools to send cohorts of faculty who are committed to bringing Hadar's Fluency Standards into their school environments. These fluency standards were developed in partnership with Beit Rabban Day School, where they are currently being implemented.

For 2019: Makhloket: Living Together in the Face of Difference

Living in community makes us vulnerable to others and dependent on their interpretations and decisions. The choices we make in relation to one another have consequences. Our differences regarding Jewish tradition and larger societal conflicts force us to confront critical questions about ourselves and our surroundings:

When and why do we need to sacrifice our personal integrity for the larger community? When is it appropriate to break away from others? What is the role of compromise, and when should we stand up for something we believe? Learn with us as we explore these pressing questions through rabbinic and contemporary perspectives and reflect on your relationship to community.

Highlights of the Institute include:

  • Bring effective and inspiring learning to your classroom through the Pedagogy of Partnership with Orit Kent and Allison Cook.
  • Learn Rabbinic texts with Hadar's core faculty in a lively Beit Midrash setting.
  • Build relationships with fellow educators from around the country who share the desire to increase the love of Jewish learning in their classrooms and schools.

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