Jewish Educational Leadership. Fall, 2019 – The Internal Life of the Jewish Educator

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Jan. 06, 2019
Fall, 2019

Source: Jewish Educational Leadership. Fall, 2019


Most day school teachers live in the communities in which they work. Everything they do is subject to scrutiny – including their finances, their children and spouses, their recreational activities and shopping, their personal religious practices, their friends, and so much more. Many think that day school teachers should always be “on call” and available for a quick parent-teacher conference anytime, anyplace. Issues of public scrutiny over private life, of navigating the appropriate boundaries of complex relationships, of managing personal and mental health challenges, of maintaining one’s integrity when professional and personal identity are not completely in sync, and so many others can make our beloved work … complicated.

And none of this even begins to touch upon the unique challenges of heads of school.

This issue of Jewish Educational Leadership is devoted to giving voice to the internal life of Jewish educators – a voice with which other educators will identify as they read, and which non-educators should be familiar so that they understand one element of the complexity of what it means to be a Jewish educator.


  • Something Is Boring Me… I Think It’s Me - Erica Brown
  • Caring for Our Caregivers: Supporting and Increasing Faculty Efficacy - Oshra Cohen, Shifra Schapiro, and Merav Tal-Timen
  • The Day My Private Life Went Public - Barbara Sheklin Davis
  • Teacher Privacy and Boundaries in the Digital Age - Moshe Glasser
  • Going Public with Depression – A Retrospective - Nathaniel Helfgot
  • When the Student’s Parent Is a Colleague - Eliana Lipsky and Orna Siegel
  • An Ancient Solution to a Pressing Problem: Sabbatical Years For JDS Heads of School - Jon Mitzmacher
  • Bonding And Boundaries: Jewish Educators as Role Models for Jewish Teens - Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath
  • Reclaiming the Work-Life Balance - Tikvah Wiener

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