Marking one year of COVID in Jewish education

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Trends in Jewish Education
Mar. 10, 2021
March 10, 2021

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Although no one is bold enough to predict the future, Jewish educators have found that in the adversity and challenges of the past year, their eyes were opened to possibilities in Jewish education that might have enduring value beyond the pandemic. Across all settings of Jewish education and among different age cohorts, talented leaders adapted and infused their content and delivery methods with creativity to not only maintain Jewish education—but in many cases to elevate its place in people’s lives and to support people in deeply profound ways.

This installment from Jewish educators–covering adult education (for the first time), day schools, and early childhood education—serves as both a reflection on the last 12 months in Jewish education, as well as a moment to pause and imagine what the future of Jewish education might look like moving forward. In many ways it is this challenge that has embodied the heroics of Jewish educators in the last year—being on call to serve the immediate myriad crises that the pandemic presented on a daily basis, while simultaneously, or at least in parallel, ensuring that the “new normal” of Jewish education would be an enhanced and improved version of its pre-pandemic state.

  • On the one-year anniversary of COVID- trends in adult Jewish education
  • Day Schools under COVID-19
  • Truths are revealed, communal leadership opportunities present themselves, a bold future emerges in early childhood education

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