Jewish Educational Leadership. Summer, 2021 – Learning from COVID

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Trends in Jewish Education
Jun. 06, 2021
Summer, 2021

Source: Lookstein Center 


The breathtaking pace of change has generated extraordinary excitement and possibilities as well as a fair amount of anxiety—is the change too fast, without considering the positives of what was before? This issue of the journal looks at what we have learned from the crisis as we look forward. The core articles in the journal address administrative changes, educational adaptations, modifications to the school’s physical and technological infrastructures, re-evaluating the attention paid to the social-emotional well-being of students, and professional development and support for teachers. The range of ideas, including some that are brilliantly creative without being overly complex, is not only profoundly thought-provoking but truly inspiring. There is also the pushback, cautioning against radical change.

Precisely because things are moving so quickly, we added a new section to this journal, what we call the Learning Lab. These articles are shorter and reflect an ongoing process of thinking, reflecting, and experimenting.

Updated: Jul. 21, 2021
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