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Apr. 03, 2009

Source:  The Steinhardt School, NYU


 The PhD  program in Education and Jewish Studies at NYU Steinhardt prepares researchers and practitioners for leadership positions in a wide range of Jewish educational settings, such as schools, informal education programs, community organizations, curriculum agencies, foundations, and universities.


Students benefit from the rich resources and course offerings of The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development and the Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies in the Graduate School of Arts and Science.


While providing a core of academic, research, and cohort experiences in education, Jewish education, and Judaic studies, the program is also tailored to its students' individual needs and interests. Close and personalized mentoring is provided by faculty from the School of Education and the Skirball Department, as well as by expert practitioners in the field of Jewish education working in the New York City area. Established in 2001, the Ph.D. program in Education and Jewish Studies at NYU is the first of its kind to be offered at a major research university in the United States.


Career Options

The PhD program in Education and Jewish Studies prepares three groups of potential leaders in Jewish education:

  • Educational Administration and Policymaking: Students take their specialized education courses in the Department of Administration, Leadership and Technology.
  • Curriculum Research and Development: Students take their specialized education courses in the Department of Teaching and Learning.
  • Academic Research: Students take their specialized education courses in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Professions.

Job prospects for students in the field of Jewish education include: administrator or teacher at a Jewish day or supplementary school; official at a bureau of Jewish education, or a national or local Jewish education organization; professor of Jewish education at a seminary, college of Jewish studies, or university; researcher in Jewish education at a foundation or communal service organization; director of a Jewish informal education program; director of a Jewish adult education program; museum educator; curriculum developer, designer of instructional materials, and/or author of textbooks for Jewish educational settings; staff developer; and educational consultant.


Application Deadlines

Admission to the PhD program is Fall entry only
Deadline: December 15


Financial Aid

All applicants for doctoral study are considered for the merit-based Steinhardt Fellowship in Education and Jewish Studies. This fellowship provides up to three years of full-time tuition support and a living stipend. All applicants are also automatically considered for the Jim Joseph Foundation Fellowship. This fellowship provides generous tuition and stipend support over a five-year period of study. Both fellowships support the preparation of the next generation of leaders and scholars in education and Jewish studies.

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