Survey Points to 'Lost Generation' of Israeli Jews

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Trends in Jewish Education
Jul. 29, 2009
Jul 29, 2009

Source: Jerusalem Post


Four-fifths of secular Israelis and more than half of Israelis overall define their knowledge of Jewish practice and Jewish heritage as mediocre or lower, according to a survey conducted by the Rafi Smith Research Institute for the World Union of Jewish Studies.


Five hundred Jewish Israelis age 18 and up participated in the phone survey, which was conducted from July 7 through July 9, and their answers were categorized based on their level of religious observance (secular, masorti, religious and haredi).


Participants were asked to rate their knowledge of Judaism. Those with children ages 12 and up were asked about their children's knowledge of Judaism as well, while individuals with either no children or children under 12 were asked about their parents' knowledge of Judaism.


The survey revealed that 80% of secular Israelis and 59% of Israelis overall define their level of Judaic knowledge and Jewish heritage as mediocre or lower. The percentage claiming a low level of knowledge was relatively high among adults over age 55 (21%), among Jews of Ashkenazi descent (22%), and among those with above-average incomes (20%).


The survey was conducted in preparation for the 15th World Congress of Jewish Studies, organized by the World Association of Jewish Studies of Jerusalem's Hebrew University, which will be held from August 2-6, 2009.

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