The MOFET Institute Comes Home

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Teacher Education
Jul. 05, 2009

Source: The MOFET Institute



After 25 years of operating without a home of its own, The MOFET Institute is now inaugurating its own new building. The new building has been erected in northern Tel Aviv on the campus of The Levinsky College of Education, which had, in the past, hosted the Institute on its premises for 21 years.


The building consists of four spacious floors, an auditorium, a convention hall, and 15 classrooms including two state of the art telecommunications rooms and two comfortable conference halls. It was planned to respond to the professional needs of teacher educators in Israel and abroad, providing them with a professional home facility. Teacher educators in Israel and abroad are invited to meet (either face to face or online) at MOFET in order to create a professional dialog, engaging in a fruitful exchange of ideas, thereby contributing to improving the teacher education system in Israel and throughout the world.


Dr. Leah Shagrir, former head of The MOFET Institute, in conjunction with an experienced and professional team of architects and planners, invested a great deal of time and effort in the planning and construction of the new quarters. When Dr. Shagrir's involvement in the project ended, construction continued under the supervision of Ms. Nurit Fuss, and was accompanied by the management of The MOFET Institute, headed by Dr. Michal Golan.

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