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May. 05, 2009

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JInsider features the best of aggregated Jewish video across the Internet, establishing a more engaging and personalized user experience. JInsider plan to be the Jewish Web Video Archive in the internet by collecting 100k's of video on a wide topic range including current events and lifestyles, to community, culture and religion. JInsider will provide a continuously updated and comprehensive presentation of subjects connecting visitors to the pulse of the Jewish world.


The website currently offers 15,000+ videos for the user with breaking news and top stories, thought provoking opinion pieces, election coverage, profiles of leading Jewish personalities, and much more. The pulse of the Jewish community is regularly measured by monitoring the trends and popularity of books, music, movies, TV shows, culinary and wine experiences, as well as significant events occurring in Jewish communities across the country. In order to provide visitors with the most comprehensive experience, JInsider's content will be continuously updated on a 24/6 basis.



The Video Guide currently contains the following categories:

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Torah Portions
World & History

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