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Jun. 05, 2009

Source: TALI Visual Midrash Web Site


The TALI Education Fund has announced the launching of its newest Web site - Visual Midrash - a collection of Fine and Folk Art on Biblical themes. The site was created by Dr. Jo Milgrom and Dr. Joel Duman and is based on Dr. Milgrom's archive of art images collected over a lifetime of teaching and pioneering the field of art as Biblical


Accessible in both Hebrew and English, the site features 560 works of art, accompanied by basic information about each image, including referenced biblical sources, artistic medium, date and short descriptions, as well as biographies of the artists and short descriptions of each image. Topical hypertext essays examine the range of Visual Midrash expressed in a selection of images from each of the 20 themes presently in the database; they include links to related texts from Jewish Midrash and Commentary as well as from Christian and Muslim writings on biblical subjects. The collection is searchable by artist, subject, medium and/or biblical source.


Biblical Themes in the Database

Garden of Eden

Cain and Abel


The Life of Moses

The Burning Bush

Parting of the Red Sea

Matan Torah

The Golden Calf

The Desert Wanderings







Abraham`s Trials


Jacob`s Dream

Jacob`s Struggles

CET's Mikranet also has a large listing of resources of Biblical artwork.

Biblical Art on the WWW allows searches and browsing of a comprehensive index of Biblical art (Old & New Testament) by Biblical subject, Biblical text, artist and keywords.

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