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Mar. 02, 2010

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iT.O.P. offers students opportunities to become acquainted with outstanding models of chessed projects developed in Israel through interactive experiences. These not only enhance students’ understanding of Jewish values and of Israeli society but also have a lasting impact on their lives. JETS provides inspirational sessions via video conferencing for students participating in their Israel Tikkun Olam Program. iT.O.P. is a live, interactive program that focuses on Values Education, Global Citizenship, Social Cohesion and Israel Education.


The iT.O.P. program will provide sessions with students that include:

  • Meeting personalities who are leaders of the Israel Tikkun Olam initiative
  • Understanding the work that is done and its impact
  • Studying Jewish sources that illuminate the importance of Tikkun Olam activity in Israel
  • Examining replicating similar initiatives in local communities, or refining existing models
  • Creating long lasting connections between students in your school and Israel, as well as with activists around the world

The Israel Tikkun Olam Program is appropriate for ages 10-adult. Sample subjects are sharing resources, caring for weak and/or underprivileged members of society, Jewish environmentalism, hospitality to newcomers and immigrants, respecting the elderly and including them in our lives: And your brother shall live among you. (Leviticus 25:36)


The Israel Tikkun Olam Program is currently available in three modules for schools with video conferencing equipment:

  •  Junior High School Annual Program
  • Individual Workshops
  • Customized Curriculum

    JETS also offers a distance videoconference program involving Diaspora students in the Holidays of the Jewish calendar in Israel – the Heart in Jerusalem Program.

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