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Apr. 04, 2010

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The Center for Information on Israeli Society, Subcultures and Lifestyles has made available an online, dynamic, multimedia guide as a gateway to user-friendly information on the main subcultures and lifestyles in present-day Israeli society. It aims to serve as an updated source of information and a pedagogical tool for individuals, businesses, and public institutions.


The guide currently contains over four hundred entries in Hebrew and thousands of images and clips related to the articles. A number of entries in English are available in the guide with plans to write and add many more in the future.


The pedagogical and technological designing and programming of the software, as well as the insertion of its introduction entries, were sponsored by the following institutions: The Samuel Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology at the Technion, Haifa; UNESCO, Israel Corporation Ltd; Haifa University, and the Israel Council of Higher Education


What is available in the guide?

  1. Sociological easy-to-understand information and analysis about group behaviors, values, norms and trends in Israeli society. This information meets scientific standards.
  2. More than 50,000 photos, including pictures in homes, places of work, places of worship and institutes of education.
  3. Links to relevant internet sites
  4. Discussion forums
  5. Communication channels for additional public input e.g family albums, personal videos, etc.

The foundation for this project has been laid out by collecting all existing scientific and popular bibliographical items and lists of interviewees.


The documentation covers the Following Social Subjects:


Population; External identifying features; Economic attributes; Residence; Family; Health; Entertainment and leisure; Food culture; Language and speech patterns; Information and communications; Education and schooling; Religion and faith; Law and criminality; Army, security and national service; Political behavior.

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