Limmud in the Context of Informal Jewish Education

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Informal Education
Mar. 23, 2010
March 23, 2010
       Dr. Dmitry Maryasis, Director of the Moscow office of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, recently posted this article on the eJewish Philanthropy Blog. In it he defines and describes informal education, recounts the development of Limmud in the UK and around the world, and describes the role Limmud FSU plays in the FSU informal education scene.
He writes in conclusion:
"In terms of content, the conference has already won a definite popularity and is perceived as an integral part of the Jewish informal educational system. There are people for whom participation in the project is all but the only contact with the life of the Jewish community. Limmud has already become a trendsetter – Jewish organizations take in everything that enjoyed popularity at the conference and use the information to develop their own educational projects.
However, organizers of the project and some of the lecturers participating in the conference need to undergo a serious cycle of inner development to be able to regard Limmud as a means of improving the World. It may seem that these are just high-flown words, but I think that without this understanding the project will have no long history of success that it enjoys in Great Britain. Without it the project has no chance of really becoming one of the central elements in the system of informal Jewish education in our country."

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