Growing Jewish Education in Challenging Times: A Roundtable on Critical Challenges and Opportunities

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Aug. 15, 2010
Leaders from a wide range of settings and representing a variety of perspectives were invited to address a list of cardinal questions dealing with Jewish education under current conditions of economic pressure in a roundtable series of essays that appeared over several weeks on eJewishPhilanthropy and on the JESNA website. Their analyses and proposals have been gathered together in this publication, along with the comments of readers to several of the essays who add their own opinions to the mix. The publishers encourage Jewish education stakeholders to use this publication to stimulate further discussion on the critical issues the essays address.
Among the questions asked of the participants:
“What can we and what do we need to do to make Jewish education more attractive, accessible and affordable, even under current conditions of economic pressure on both “providers” and “consumers”? How do the challenges of expanding educational participation play out today in specific arenas – day school, “complementary” education, camp, Israel education – and for specific critical populations – families with young children, teens, young adults, etc.? What new approaches are being tried and where are there signs of success? What has yet to be tried, but ought to be?”

The articles in the publication:

How We Can Fund a Vibrant Jewish Future
by Kim Hirsh
Expanding Jewish Education in Challenging Times:
Let All Who Are Hungry Come and Eat
by Maggie Bar-Tura
Making Jewish Meaning
by Beth Cousens, PhD
Securing and Growing Jewish Day Schools
by Rabbi Josh Elkin, Ed.D.
Back to School
by Maya Bernstein
Toward Adult Jewish Literacy
by Rabbi Elie Kaunfer
The Dance of the Four Children
by Daniel Libenson
Day School Sustainability: Ours to Achieve
by Yossi Prager
Seeing Clearly With Double Vision
by Robert Lichtman
Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First,
And Then Help Your Children
by Ira J. Wise, R.J.E.
Jewish Education Begins With Early Childhood
by Pat Bidol Padva
Parent Involvement or Parent Investment?
by Renee Rubin Ross, PhD
Day Schools or Nothing?
by Andrew Silow-Carroll
Bridging the Gap from Bar Mitzvah to Birthright
by Adam Gaynor
The Revolution Before our Eyes
by David Bryfman
Educational Choice is a Blessing
by Adena Raub
Growing Jewish Education in Challenging Times:
Seizing the Opportunities
by Jonathan Woocher

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