The Quiet Educational Reform of the Israel Ministry of Education

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Sep. 23, 2010
September 23, 2010
Dr. Gadi Rauner of Tel Aviv University in a Hebrew guest blog post - discusses what he sees as a quiet yet revolutionary reform in Israel's education system. As part of the "New Horizon" policy the Ministry is committed to implementing ongoing teacher assessment by school principals. The National Authority for Measurement and Evaluation in Education in cooperation with The Avney Rosha Institute have developed a teacher evaluation instrument for this purpose. After a pilot run, the instrument will soon be implemented by school principals.
The instrument is composed of four dimensions:
  • Perception of the teacher's role
  • Knowledge of the discipline
  • Learning and educational processes
  • The teachers partnership in the professional community
Each of these components is rated in five different levels of performance from "below base level" to "master". Both the teacher and principal fill out the digital teacher assessment questionnaire and then compare and discuss their ratings. The principal is also to carry out teacher assessment on the basis of supporting objective evidence.

Rauner sees the use of the teacher assessment tools as initiating a process of creating a corporate culture of school assessment which will promote learning and learner achievement, by creating a culture of formative assessment carried out to correct and improve, upgrade and enhance.

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