The Return of High School Talmud Studies: Will be Recognized as General Culture

Dec. 13, 2010

Source: NRG 


The Israeli Inter-University Committee has recently decided to recognize Oral Torah (Toshba) as a general culture subject towards entitlement to a high school matriculation certificate. This now means that a student who studies this subject for an extended matriculation exam will have it recognized by the universities as an academic subject for university acceptance. It is expected that this development will bring about a significant rise in the number of high school students in non-religious government schools who will choose to study this subject as part of their matriculation curriculum.


In the past, Oral Torah was a required subject in non-religious high schools as it is in religious high schools. A number of years ago it became an elective subject in non-religious schools, resulting in a sharp fall in the number of students choosing to study the subject for the matriculation exam. It is expected that with the new academic recognition of Oral Torah many more students will choose to study it for the extended exam.

Updated: Dec. 30, 2010