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BBYO's Build a Prayer is an online space where Jews of all ages and backgrounds can connect on a deeply personal level with prayer and Shabbat. Here you can create and customize a Shabbat service in a fun and interactive way that is meaningful for you and your community, and then share that service with your community and all the visitors to the Build a Prayer website.


At Build a Prayer, you can choose which service you would like to plan (Friday Evening, Saturday Morning, Saturday Evening, or Blessing After Meal), which type of service you would like (Traditional, Pluralistic, or Custom), which languages you would like to choose (English, Hebrew, and Transliteration), and which template you want. From there you can select which prayers you want to include and add your own commentary, images, audio, video, etc. to personalize your service.You can then upload and save the service you have created for the use of your community or all the other visitors to the website.


Build a Prayer also allows you to browse through services created by other users and visit the Resource Center to learn more about Shabbat, praying and the purpose and meaning of each prayer.


Build a Prayer is built and maintained by BBYO with the help of The Foundation for Jewish Camp and

Updated: Jan. 04, 2011