Torah on the Right Side of the Brain

Fall, 2010

Source:  Jewish Educational Leadership. Fall 2010 (9:1) pages 27-29 


In this article, Shira Kaufman discusses Daniel Pink's six right-brain intelligences - play, design, story, symphony, empathy and meaning, which must be developed in order to prepare students to be successful in our changing world and offers suggestions to help the teacher facilitate their development in the Tanach classroom.


The author writes:

"Besides the web tools that come with curricula, many technologies used in general studies can be harnessed in Judaics to teach the right-brain intelligences. Programming teaching tools and cartoon editing software allow students to animate scenarios, and can be used to recreate stories with thought bubbles and alternate endings. Using visual presentation software and visual art software can help students to dabble in design and meaning, while they organize information in a way that they intuitively understand from media and advertising. In addition, these tools allow students to learn kinesthetically. Stories, videos, plays, art and multimedia skills from other classes can be used for a variety of activities that will facilitate development of the right-brain intelligences."

Updated: Feb. 01, 2011