Art for Israel's Sake –

Jan. 11, 2011

Source: Haaretz


Recently, Haaretz wrote about the launching of, , a web portal aimed at strengthening people's connection with Israel by speaking to them in the language of art. On the site, surfers will be able to access movies, music, literature and visual arts. Currently, Omanoot - which means art in Hebrew - offers 40 to 50 documentary and short films, many from The Maaleh School, as well as the trailers of a handful of feature films, which can be viewed in streaming video free of charge. The site plans to eventually offer streaming video of commercial movies as well. The project's team also plans to soon add music and other visual art forms on the site. also provides lesson plans built by Omanoot.EDU, an Israeli non-profit organization, aimed at teaching Israel via Israeli films, music and artwork found on the Omanoot website.

Updated: Feb. 09, 2011