A Study Tour in Israel on: The Inclusion of People with Special Needs into Higher Education and Society

May 15th – 19th, 2011

Source:  MOFET ITEC 


MOFET ITEC has announced a special Israel study tour dedicated to the inclusion of people with special needs into higher education and society on May 15th – 19th, 2011. The main goal of the tour is to present the concept of "Academia for All" and its implementation as expressed in academic institutions in Israel, while becoming acquainted with what is being done in other places in the world and thus creating a professional dialogue among the experts. The various sessions will emphasize the common concept of accessibility in Israel and its implementation in institutions of higher education. Relevant and innovative research of recent years in Israel will be presented. During the study tour the participants – experts, researchers and other professionals from around the world – will meet with their colleagues in Israel, who deal with access to higher education for people with limitations.


The study tour will include an introduction to The MOFET Institute and the LESHEM Association, visits to academic institutes which develop and implement significant models for supporting students with learning disabilities and meetings with students and graduates who utilize these models and support centers during their studies.


The tour will include visits to historical sites in order to become acquainted with the land of Israel.


Upon completion of the tour, the participants will receive a certificate attesting to the fact that they completed the professional study tour successfully. The certificate will list the topics of the study tour and the number of hours of professional studies.


The study tour caters to policy makers in the field of education; lecturers in academic, education and training institutions; advisors and curriculum developers in the field and all those involved in inclusion.

Updated: Feb. 27, 2011