Source: is a family oriented website with a constantly growing collection of Jewish educational activities for parents and children. The site features special recipes based on the weekly Torah reading but also offers regular recipes, reviews of children's books, videos on how to do Jewish-theme crafts projects and a weekly five-minute podcast on the weekly Torah reading. Devorah Katz and Shefa Weinstein, who established the site and run it, are aiming to create a virtual Jewish community. Their many visitors come mostly from North America and Israel. But there are also many followers from China, Germany and other distant places.


The site is currently featuring a fun Purim section with pointers on surviving Purim for parents, a crafts section on creating homemade costumes, a series of podcasts on Megilat Esther, special Purim recipes for treats, meals and drinks along with a maze, word search and Purim Table talk!

Updated: Mar. 14, 2011