iCamp Kallah 2011

August 14-16, 2011

Source: iCamp Kallah 2011


iCamp Kallah, sponsored by The iCenter, is a three-day gathering, a festival of innovation and learning for Jewish educators, lay leaders and professionals who are passionate about bringing Israel alive for the next generation and who want to learn, create and stretch their thinking. iCamp will be held at the Hyatt Lodge, Oakbrook, IL on August 14-16, 2011. iCamp is aimed at those who seek to understand Israel and Jewish education as a holistic enterprise: formal and informal, cognitive and affective, an activity of mind and heart.

iCamp offers:

  • Community, collegiality, fun, and learning in a relaxing setting
  • Beit Midrash sessions for teaching and learning
  • Workshops with Experts and innovators in the field of Israel Education
  • All things Israel: breakfasts, Al Ha’aish dinner, Israeli wine tasting, music, film and more
  • introduction to cutting-edge Israel learning resources and approaches to using them


The iCenter serves as a national address and advocate for high-quality and meaningful Israel education. The iCenter is dedicated to developing and enhancing the field of pre-collegiate Israel education in North America, in both formal and informal settings. By building upon existing strengths in the field, the iCenter supports the work of Israel educators; identifies compelling educational resources and initiatives; and fosters the creation of a cadre of lay and professional champions of Israel education.

Updated: Apr. 05, 2011