Israel Education Ministry Budgets NIS 19 Million to Establish a High School Program Combining Core Classes with Religious Studies for 500 Haredi Teenagers

April 7, 2011

Source: Haaretz 


Haaretz reports that the Israeli Education Ministry plans to include 500 Haredi teenagers in a technology matriculation program in the next school year. The program will combine core classes with religious studies, and is intended for 15- to 16-year-old boys who have dropped out of yeshivot. The ministry is budgeting NIS 19 million to set up 20 classes at high schools around the country. Over the next few days, the ministry will be calling on local authorities and education networks to submit candidates to take part in the program. Schools will be chosen based on criteria set by the ministry, which will give them an extra budget to absorb the new students.


The program will include 14 matriculation points, including seven in technological fields such as computer science, vehicular engineering, electronics and electricity, as well as points in English and math. Rabbis will teach the students religious subjects.


Participants will be able to continue their education at vocational schools to receive an engineering or technical certificate ultimately preparing them to join the labor market.

Updated: Apr. 11, 2011