Two MOFET JTEC Webinars to Open School Year


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MOFET JTEC, Jewish Teacher Education Community of The MOFET Institute, is proud to present two online webinars without charge to the global Jewish education community at the beginning of new (northern hemisphere) school year. Dr. Ruth Walfish will speak on "What Kind of Prophet was Jonah? Lesson for Yom Kippur". Prof. Yehuda Bar Shalom will present on "Jewish Peoplehood: Reflections on Teaching an Ambiguous Subject".


Webinar Information

• JTEC Webinar - September 14, 2011 - Israel time: 19:00 – 20:30

What Kind of Prophet was Jonah? Lesson for Yom Kippur - Dr. Ruth Walfish


In this lecture, we will examine Jonah`s behavior, in light of what we know about how a prophet was expected to function in the ancient world. We will contrast Jonah`s speech and prayer, with his silences. We will argue that both the silences and the spoken word reflect Jonah's inner conflicts about the task that he has been given. Finally, we will analyze what all this has to do with Yom Kippur.


• JTEC Webinar - October 5, 2011 - Israel time: 19:00 – 20:30

Jewish Peoplehood: Reflections on Teaching an Ambiguous Subject - Prof. Yehuda Bar Shalom

In this lecture Prof. Yehuda Bar Shalom will share some of his ideas regarding the challenges that Jewish educators are facing when trying to teach Jewish Peoplehood related subjects in a postmodern world.


What is a webinar?

The webinar environment enables presentations, sites, programs and video movies to be presented in parallel to an interactive discussion with the audience, by means of vocal and written communication. The significant advantage of attending a webinar lies in the fact that you may join the session from any computer, at any time.


MOFET JTEC Webinar topics

The webinars are led by experts in a range of fields regarding education, teaching, teacher education, and teacher educators' preparation. These lectures will include current educational literature, online teaching/learning, college-field ties, and more.


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Updated: Aug. 30, 2011