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There are quite a few resources for teaching about Jewish prayer in a classroom, but it's not easy to find ideas for enhancing a school-based, synagogue or camp Jewish worship experience. The With All Our Hearts Wiki, maintained by Jewish educators, members of the Hebrew Project, has been designed to enable such sharing among educators, rabbis, lay leaders, song leaders, camp staff and others. The target population is children and teens, up to age 18.


The wiki is organized with pages for different parts of the liturgical prayer as well as a number of general topic pages. Visitors are encouraged to join the wiki and add resources, ideas and links to the relevant pages. All contributors are requested to post biographical notes about themselves in order to foster the forming of a community of educators interested in enhancing the prayer experience in Jewish educational frameworks. Contributors may also add their comments to other posts on the comment pages associated with each wiki page.

Updated: Aug. 31, 2011